T.R.I.M. Boot Camp Q+A and Progress Update

Good morning, friends! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that a new series was coming to Basically Bronwyn featuring a fitness and nutrition boot camp that I am participating in, so today we're going to dive right in to all of the details. I recently partnered up with Valerie Smorol from T.R.I.M. in May to start my fitness journey and ya'll, it's a game changer and I'm excited to share all the ins and outs of the program below! 

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BB Essentials: May

Happy Friday, everyone! Life has been a little hectic on the home front, but now that I have a grip on life again, I'm ready to bust out the first of the two new series that will be appearing on Basically Bronwyn! I've recently joined a fitness + nutrition boot camp (currently on week 3), so I'll be sharing all of the ins and outs about that coming soon!

For now, I'm excited to introduce my monthly favorites series, Basically Bronwyn Monthly Essentials!

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