Polished Athleisure Outfit

Happy Wednesday, gang! Can you believe January is over? I feel like it flew by, but I don't mind one bit. February is an exciting month for me with an upcoming trip to Colorado and a blogger event later in the month, so I'm looking forward to the next several weeks ahead! My busy schedule is making winter fly by much faster :)

Typically when I'm on the go like I have been lately, my go-to uniform consists of active wear pieces. A great pair of leggings, soft tunic tee, cozy jacket, and a comfortable pair of sneakers never fail me (I also love these sneakers: this black pair and these). Sometimes when I don't style it right, I kind of look like a slob, haha! I don't mind looking like a bum occasionally, but more often than not, I still want to feel a little more put together and have a "polished" outfit, even though I'm in comfortable active wear. 

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Go-To Makeup Products

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive on social media is about the makeup products I use. Seeing as how I haven't done a beauty post in several months, I figured it was time to update you on my go-to products. I've been using some of these products for over a year and some only a month, but I highly recommend them all for you to try!

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