Holiday Content Is Here!

2017 Holiday Content

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Holiday content will be arriving VERY soon on Basically Bronwyn, and I'm so excited to share everything I have lined up for you all! So I don't overwhelm you with too many posts at once, I've decided to space things out as much as I can. This is just to give you all an idea of what will be available to you this upcoming holiday season!

As you can see from the photos above, I have everything from holiday outfit ideas and recipes, to gift guides upon gift guides! I know many of you like to get a jump start on your shopping, especially if it's online, so I'll be sharing guides with you daily. I want to make your holiday shopping as easy breezy as possible, so I've broken down the gift guides as much as possible and everything will be user friendly to shop. 

Gift guides that will be coming to you soon: Holiday Decor, Cozy Gifts To Give This Winter, Gifts From Amazon, Gifts For Men, Gifts Under $100, Gifts Under $50, Gifts Under $25, My Christmas Wish List (aka Gifts For Her), Beauty Gifts, and Black Friday Sales! 

I have an entire page dedicated to holiday content (also see in menu bar), which will look very similar to this post. I want you to be able to find everything as easily and quickly as possible, so I hope you all enjoy it and use this page as your resource for the holiday season!

If you're already subscribed to my blog, you'll be notified via email once gift guides and other holiday content becomes LIVE. If you aren't part of the BB family and want to be, you can subscribe here! All the cool kids are doing it :)

I can't wait to share everything I have prepared for you all. Stay tuned!

Xo- BB