Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Hey friends! Long time, no talk! My apologies for being very MIA on here, but life happens…ya know? As soon as I got that second trimester energy + motivation back, life just got busy and hectic, so Basically Bronwyn was put on the back burner for a bit. Thankfully, things are slowing down as Justin and I prepare for baby Butler’s arrival in just 6 short weeks (AHH!), so I’m hopeful I can share more on here in the upcoming weeks. I’m sure it’ll be put on pause…again… when this sweet baby girl/boy arrives, though :)

We’re just coming off of attending all of our baby showers, and I thought I’d share an inside look to the one my mom hosted for me in Lexington! This lemon themed shower would be super cute for any gender, but since we don’t know whether or not baby Butler is a boy or girl, I knew I wanted to share this gender neutral baby shower idea with you all!

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