Closet Staples & My Personal Style

The new year always motivates me to revamp various areas in my life. Whether it be my yearly goals, daily habits, or items in my closet, I love the feeling of starting fresh. I recently did a closet clean out, which helped me *massively* streamline my wardrobe. I had so many pieces in my closet that I haven't worn in years; items that just didn't seem to fit my style anymore. Between selling and donating, hopefully those pieces will get a lot more use out of them with their new owners!

Seeing what I had remaining in my closet was a clear indication that my wardrobe staples are pieces that aren't elaborate or bright; they're not flashy or overstated. I definitely gravitate towards simple, neutral, and classic pieces to create versatile and comfortable outfits. The older I get, the more I stray away from trends. I think certain ones are fun to try, but I end up wearing the item once, and then it gets lost in my closet. Such a waste! 

 I can't tell you how many times I've worn an outfit because it was trendy, and I HATED how it looked on me. I was self-conscience before leaving the house, but it was trendy, so I should like it. Gosh, I'm so happy I don't do that anymore. No matter what your own personal style is, I think the most important part to any outfit is making sure you feel CONFIDENT and happy in it!

I encourage you to go through your closet at some point soon! Haven't worn something in a year+? Donate it! It's uncomfortable? Toss it. Does it make you feel confident?? Keep that bad boy and rock it :)

XoXo- BB

P.S. The coat I'm wearing in the photos above continues to go in and out of stock :( Just in case it's not available for you, I've linked similar options below! Just scroll through the images to select one and it will direct you to the retailer!