Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Hey friends! Long time, no talk! My apologies for being very MIA on here, but life happens…ya know? As soon as I got that second trimester energy + motivation back, life just got busy and hectic, so Basically Bronwyn was put on the back burner for a bit. Thankfully, things are slowing down as Justin and I prepare for baby Butler’s arrival in just 6 short weeks (AHH!), so I’m hopeful I can share more on here in the upcoming weeks. I’m sure it’ll be put on pause…again… when this sweet baby girl/boy arrives, though :)

We’re just coming off of attending all of our baby showers, and I thought I’d share an inside look to the one my mom hosted for me in Lexington! This lemon themed shower would be super cute for any gender, but since we don’t know whether or not baby Butler is a boy or girl, I knew I wanted to share this gender neutral baby shower idea with you all!


The shower was held in the private dining room at Corto Lima in Lexington, Kentucky. While I had personally never been to a private dinner here prior to my shower, I had seen pictures of the space and thought it would be perfect. Great food, pretty location, excellent service…can’t really beat that combination!

I wanted to keep the shower decor simple, affordable, and neutral (obviously). I thought having a lemon-themed shower would be super cute, but also appropriate for having it in the summer. I really think you can do it any time of year, but it felt extra fitting :)

Luckily, my mom has a plethora of mason jars that we could use as vases and she found a bunch of great faux greenery (eucalyptus- both bare stems and some with yellow buds) at Hobby Lobby that I thought would be really pretty in the center of the table. We just placed them flat- overlapping the stems- and covered up any bare spots with real lemons….so easy! I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on real centerpieces, so it was a nice mixture of faux flowers/stems (all from Hobby Lobby) and real flowers.

I’m a sucker for white hydrangeas, so I snagged a bouquet of them from Trader Joe’s the day before the shower, as well as very simple greenery they had for sale as well (I’m terrible and don’t remember what they’re called). We used the large mason jars with small lemons at the bottom for added color (and theme) with either a hydrangea stem or the greenery as the centerpieces for the main table.

The faux flowers were yellow (see on dessert and favor table) and we decided to cut up lemon slices and stick the stem through the center to stay in place. So simple and cute!

My mom came in extra handy for added decor like bringing a framed pregnancy announcement picture of Justin and me and our sonogram photo, as well as cute signs to place on various tables. Very simple, yet it added just the right amount of sweetness to the day!


Desserts are probably one of my favorite things at showers, so I wanted to make sure the guests had a few things to choose from.

Let’s talk about this GORGEOUS + delicious cake from Lexington Cake Lady. She did a fantastic job at not only creating exactly what I had in mind for the look of it, but oh my goodness was it delicious. Sticking with the lemon theme, Rebecca made this raspberry lemon cake with raspberry filling, fitted with sliced lemons and yellow roses for added decor. She also made lemon macaroons that were melt in your mouth kind of good and was a great option for people who aren’t necessarily “cake people.”

My mom snagged the lemon cake bites (a true lemon-flavored treat) at Costco for another sweet, yet sour option to snack on.

If you’re local to Lexington, I highly recommend checking out Lexington Cake Lady for your next party/event. I’ll link her Instagram for you to inquire!


While browsing around on Pinterest, I saw the idea of giving succulents as a shower favor and knew I had to be a copycat! I thought it was going to be a pain in the butt to order, but my mom found a shop on Amazon that could not have worked out better. One order comes with 20 mini, various succulents that are available on Amazon Prime. She placed the order a few days before the shower, and they arrived at my house the day before. We watered them all the night before the shower and let them dry, then packed them in gold bags from Party City for an easy grab-and-go….done and done!

I found the “Thank You For Coming Please Take A Succulent Before You Leave” print on Etsy and got the frame from the Dollar Store!


Family Photos C/O :

Space, Place, & Southern Grace Photography

There’s no way I can take credit for all of this because 2/3 of my baby showers wouldn’t have happened without the help from my parents and sisters! My mom pretty much said “whatever you want” and made it happen- and everything was perfection :) My sisters helped SO much the day of the shower, which was great because HELLO Braxton Hick’s contractions….could’ve lived without dealing with those on that day, haha.

I wanted my outfit to be comfortable (and cute, duh), but I’m in that “everything looks terrible on me and is uncomfortable” phase, so that’s fun! I opted for this polka dot jumpsuit that’s 2 years old from Anthropologie because it’s the closest thing I could find to meet my very pregnant needs ;) Since it’s so old, it’s no longer available, but will link similar options below!