How I Edit My Photos

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about how I edit my photos for both blog posts and photos that go on Instagram. So today I'm sharing a behind the scenes look at the step-by-step editing process! There are a bunch of different apps that are available for editing, but to be honest, some are a little too complicated for me. I try to keep it as simple as possible, so hopefully this won't be information overload for you all!

Let me start off by saying that editing really depends on several factors for me. Was the picture taken inside or out? Are there any harsh colors or bright lights in the photo? Did you use your camera phone or a DSLR? All of these play a role in how much editing a photo might need to make it to a blog post or on Instagram.

I should also mention that if you're a fellow blogger, your editing will depend on your overall "Instagram aesthetic." It's important that your Instagram feed has a cohesive look- it's the first thing your followers will notice! While some Instagram feeds are full of bright pops of color or light, airy whites, it all depends on what you're personally going for. So if you're wanting to stick with a white background and blush tones in all of your photos, this probably isn't the editing process you want to follow! :) My feed is very warm, with a lot of high-clarity texture and muted colors (like greens and reds for instance)! See a screenshot of my feed below!


All of my photos go through the Lightroom app first and once I'm done editing them here, they're ready for a blog post! The "Light" tab is where I start the process. I will increase the exposure anywhere from .5 to 1.5, contrast 10 to 20, highlights 0 to 20, shadows -10 to -40, whites 5-20, and blacks 0 to -10.

Then I'll move to the "Color" tab. Depending on how warm the photo is, I may decrease the temperature to a -5. The biggest thing I do in the "Color" section is decrease the saturation of various shades, mainly any green (that seems to be in the background of most of my photos). I typically decrease the green saturation anywhere from -50 to -100. Doing this keeps the colors in my photos somewhat consistent!

The "Effects" tab is where I increase the clarity of the photo, which ranges anywhere from 15 to 60. I'll also use the dehaze feature between 5 and 20!

To finish up in the Lightroom app, I move to the "Detail" tab and increase the noise reduction between 10 and 30! I've included a before and after photo below (completely unedited and edited), along with the step-by-step process on Lightroom! 

Unedited vs Edited

denim jacket // tshirt dress // sneakers // necklace // purse // sunglasses


After the photo has been edited through Lightroom, I then upload that image to VSCO for the last step. This ONLY applies to photos that get uploaded to my Instagram feed. I apply a final filter so that my images are cohesive and all match the aesthetic of my page. 

Once uploaded to VSCO, I apply the HB1/Hypebeast filter. Again, it depends on the how the photo looks once it gets to this point, but I'll usually increase this filter to a 5.0, but it ranges anywhere from 2.0 to 9.0! See below for the full editing process, starting with Lightroom and finishing in VSCO!

Unedited vs Edited

jeans // top // throw blanket // necklace

Thank goodness for editing, right?!? Haha I know this probably seems like a lot, but it's really not as complicated as it may seem. The worst part about the whole process is uploading the photos on the computer from the memory card if the pictures are taken on our Canon camera, emailing them to myself, and having to send them back via email again after the editing to download back on the computer....annoying!

If I'm just taking an outfit of the day picture on my phone, it literally takes less than 3 minutes to do all of these steps and upload! The Lightroom and VSCO apps are both free to download, which is great if you're not looking to invest in an editing program.  

I hope this was helpful and not too overwhelming! Let me know if you have ANY questions or if something isn't clear/missing. I hope you give this editing process a try with your own photos :) Have a great weekend, and be sure to give this post a "like" below so I know whether or not you'd like more posts like this in the future!

XoXo- BB