Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Guide

Well, the event everyone (myself included) and their mother's have been talking about non-stop is finally here: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you aren't familiar with all the details about the biggest, and dare I say the best, sale of the year, don't you worry your pretty little face :) This post is all about what to expect from the sale, what to look for, and how I can help you for the duration of it! I'm going to get right into it and I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

What IS the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

It's Nordstrom's annual sale, where you can shop brand NEW merchandise on MAJOR sale! I especially love this particular sale because most of the new arrivals are not only for summer, but fall, and even winter items are available. It's great for stocking up on NEW items like boots, jackets, and denim at only a fraction of the price. Back to school shopping soon? Consider this sale to be a great jump start for getting some new clothes and shoes for the kiddos. There will also be everything from beauty products and home decor, to menswear available on sale as well.  

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & how do I get Early Access?

The sale starts on July 13th for Nordstrom cardholders (early access) and goes until August 6.  Public access of the sale begins July 21! SO, if you want to shop the sale early, you must already have a Nordstrom credit or debit card OR sign up for one asap (apply here). If approved, you'll  immediately receive a $20 Nordstrom note that you can spend during the sale! If a Nordstrom card just isn't your thing, do your homework! You'll be able to view the new merchandise (and purchase at full-price if you just can't wait), but July 21 will be when you can purchase the sale price!

What should I be looking for during the sale?

1. Make a list! Do you need back to school clothes? A good pair of denim? New boots for the fall? Make a list of items that have been on your wishlist (or need list) and then PRIORITIZE! Items sell fast during the sale, so if a pair of new ankle boots are at the top of your list, you'll want to move fast with your purchase. For example, certain clothing items like basics and shoes sell quickly, so make those departments your first couple of stops! However, if the pair of shoes you want is sold out, don't worry!  Nordstrom is great about restocking items throughout the sale, so keep stalking your must-haves and chances are it'll be available again! 

2. Set a budget! Of course my wishlist is exactly that, a wishlist, and I know I can't get everything my heart desires. Apparently Nordstrom wants money in exchange for items.  Crazy...I know.  Since I'm not made out of money, this when prioritizing is key.  Figure out what you want, but more importantly the items you need the most! Try to stick with items that are staples and you can get a lot of use out of! For me, it's denim, boots, and basics!

3. Use me and your other favorite bloggers as your resource during the sale!  I'll be sharing my favorites from the sale as well as updating you with any information I get along the way.  Feel free to ask me for styling advice or about the fit of an item, and I'll do my best to find the answer for you! Not only will I be sharing blog posts about the sale over the next few weeks (my top picks, favorite shoes, etc.), but I've also created a new tab in my navigation bar to make shopping extra quick and easy! You'll start to see my favorites added to this page starting first thing in the morning :) Go to the 'Shop' tab and click on 'Nordstrom Anniversary Sale' for updated finds and favorites! Click HERE to get there!

Who's excited?!? I'll tell you who's not- Justin and my bank account ;) Happy shopping!


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